They did a comprehensive review of the sprinkler system made all the fixes required and taught my daughter how to use the system. They were on time precisely. They were very professional and my daughter is delighted to use them again. 
-Angie's List 
Adjusted our sprinkler system for most efficient performance. 
-Angie's list
Brian with Natures Caretakers really helped me out and fixed my spinkler system when I was forced to fire the last company. Brian definitely knows what he is doing and better yet, he does what he says he is going to do and is very honest about what it is going to take to get the job done. It is very refreshing to find someone that values the meaning of customer service like he does. I would highly recommend this company! 
Via Facebook 

I was experiencing a total breakdown of my sprinkler system on Anderson Island  where I have a home.  I remembered having seen a SPRINKLERS sign at the driveway of Joe and Rhoanna Austin, whom I had not had the pleasure of meeting.  My daughter kayaked by their home one day and saw them outside near the lake, so she paddled over to the shore and asked if they might be able to tell her about their experiences with their sprinkler system people.   They not only gave a rave review of Brian and his company, but went up to their house to get a business card which they gave my daughter.  I called Brian right away, and he stopped by the next time he was able to get to the island.  I was unable to be there, but he canvassed the yard and called me with an estimate of what was needed and what it would cost.  I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and professionalism, and hired him to care for my irrigation system.  I have had him working at my home on Anderson Island for (I believe!) three years now.  


It is rare to find anyone "in the business" with the knowledge that Brian has, and even more rare to find someone with a degree in anything, let alone this field.  Since he began, he has been coaching me on the importance of testing the soil to determine what applications are needed and which ones are a waste of money.  


On one of my last visits to the island, his employee, Matt, was at my house de-thatching the lawn.  I chatted with Matt for a few minutes and mentioned to him that I was wishing that Brian would expand his business to my "other" residential area (Sammamish).  Matt said that Brian had just signed a contract with Honeywell in Redmond and was in the process of opening an office in that area.  I had been struggling with another landscape company for nearly 20 years, with growing frustrations over their lack of knowledge, expensive errors, and poor landscape management, but didn't see any evidence of another company who was any better in my area.  So, I was thrilled to learn that Brian had already expanded into the Redmond area, and would love to take me on as a client in Sammamish.  


I now have another college degree-holding gentleman heading the team working in my Sammamish yard, and I could not be any happier!  In just a few weeks, I am seeing a noticeable difference just because they KNOW a weed from a plant!  And they are removing the weeds.  


In every way possible, Brian's capable team of dedicated landscapers are professional, hard working, excellent communicators, and maintain regular email contact with me about everything they are doing or recommend.  Their efficiency is amazing and head and shoulders above any similar company used by my neighbors.  


Brian has also been very helpful to me in troubleshooting a problem I had with leaking pipes after I'd replaced my pressure tank for my well.  He knew who to get out to the island to fix the problem, and did so immediately, stopping the creek that was running through my garage from the guy who had done a half-way job on the piping when he installed my pressure tank and who was trying to convince me that the leak would seal itself "in time."  


In essence, I could not recommend Brian and his company any more highly!  He only hires top quality people who are screened and have references.  I hope that you will utilize his services, and can assure you that you will be pleased!

Via Direct Email 

Absolutely superb! 30 minutes early, went through every sprinkler head, taught us how to use computer and are now considered one of their customers. Highly recommend!